UKV PLC are the expert brokers for fine wine investments. Our fine wine consultants specialise in the acquisition and sale of the world’s most illustrious exciting and pleasurable investment grade luxury fine wine and vintage champagne.
Our focus is on delivering an exceptional level of personal service to clients investing in wine. We're here to help potential and experienced investors who look to acquire the most prestigious vintage fine wine labels from the leading vineyards of France, Italy and Spain.

Whilst we appreciate many clients buy wine purely for the pleasure of drinking, others look to develop private wine cellars or lucrative vintage wine collections for future valuation and investment purposes.
Whichever the case, UKV PLC can help select and acquire some of the best investment fine wines and champagne through our very extensive independent network of wine industry contacts.

The Knight Frank Luxury Index has ranked fine wines as the fastest growing luxury investment, delivering 62% ROI to investors over the last 5 years. Growth has been driven by an increasing number of high net-worth investors turning to luxury investments in general - and vintages wines in particular - as they seek to diversify their portfolio and deliver secure, tax-free returns.
As it is their intrinsic value and rarity that keeps their value highly appreciated, fine wines are not subject to the same market forces as traditional investments, and are therefore significantly less volatile. While traditional markets remain greatly sensitive to investor behaviour and economic sentiment, vintage wines have proven themselves to be consistently recession proof.
With the the most exclusive vineyards in the world producing just 3,000 cases annually, the values of fine wine are driven by a demand that far outstrips supply - keeping valuations high, and rising.

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UK taxation laws are based on the assumption that wine is purchased for consumption - and will be consumed within the next 50 years. While most fine wines purchased will be consumed within this time-span, this taxation loophole allows savvy investors to exempt themselves from taxation and customs duties. In fact, many of the most important individuals of the country including government officials, Lords and Earls invest in wine.
Furthermore, based on the fact that most fine wine will be consumed within the next 50 years, wine is deemed a wasting asset, which is not subject to capital-gain taxes. Investors are not required to pay any taxes on profits from exiting the investment.