En-Primeur; wine in the barrel not yet bottled

Although buying wine young is often suggested to be one of the best times to acquire wines for laying down this is undoubtedly more speculative as wine in the barrel is still developing so open to a number of changes before being bottled and receiving a definitive grade, score or review from the professional critics.


Key to Selection

The key elements when selecting a wine for future consumption or capital appreciation is to choose wines and labels from vineyards or producers that demonstrate a longstanding reputation of producing consistently exceptional wines. Both Bordeaux and Burgundy have without doubt the majority of vineyards that set the benchmark and produce the best investment grade wines with a proven history of standing at the head of the market.


UKV PLC Wine Selection

Wine Values and Trading Prices

A number of contributory factors affect the initial price and future value of a wine, these include, quality, annual production yield and the label or Chateaux. There are good and exceptional vintage years largely dependent on annual weather conditions and seasonal growing environment within the region or specific vineyard location. One should also realise fine wine takes time to mature and although many wines are being consumed earlier now than in days gone by, the full value of a wine will only be realised in time. 

SELECTION PROCESS - Selection of Wine

Whether laying down to drink at a later date or creating a sought after fine wine collection for future sale, the selection process of which wine to purchase is probably the most important.

In either instance choices made at time of purchase will dramatically affect rewards. If buying to drink you will want wines that mature well and within the time frame you wish to consume them. If looking for appreciation in value the choice will be largely restricted to investment grade wines of reduced production levels with high tasting scores by the world’s leading wine critic Robert Parker and others like James Suckling and Janice Robinson. 

With thousands of wines to choose from it is easy to be confused by what to buy but as a rule one should look to purchase the best wine your personal budget will permit. One should always buy wine that is suited to the occasion or purpose as this will largely determine which wine to consider from the outset.

We offer an extensive range of investment grade classic Bordeaux and Burgundy wine, vintage and non-vintage Champagne and a selective range of wines from Italy and Spain to provide a complete portfolio of luxury products to suit all tastes and requirements. 

Due to the naturally limited availability of many products we do not publish a list of stock held but we suggest you speak directly to one of our consultants personally as they can advise you of our current stock and discuss options available.